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Couple Promise Rings Set: From wedding rings to engagement ring

The sweet wedding bells are in the air and the excitement is reflected all over the globe. Of course, your wedding day is much more than a gorgeous wedding dress paired with your perfect man! It's a promise to remain together through good and bad and to watch horror films together on weekends, to eat breakfast together on a Sunday, and to add more memorable moments to an already vibrant love story.

Where does it all begin? From head to toe, the perfect pairing of wedding jewelry. Below, we'll present some of the most stunning ideas for wedding rings and wedding jewelry so that you can pick the ones that perfectly fit the theme of your big day.

Wedding rings

When you've said "yes" to your engagement ring, the next step is choosing the most important ring in your life: the marriage band. While the engagement ring may be the main attraction of wedding jewelry but the wedding band will be the one you'll wear for the longest time. It's important to choose one that's not just matched to the ring you're wearing for engagement, but also is a reflection of your lifestyle.

Here are some helpful tips to assist you in making the best decision when choosing a wedding ring

Don't wait until the last minute. Begin your search at minimum three to four months prior to the wedding day, if are looking for a unique design.

Buy an engagement ring with it There aren't absolute rules, make sure your engagement ring and wedding band match or are compatible. Test them both to determine if you like them.

Consider your lifestyle: If you'll be wearing your wedding ring everyday, think about your lifestyle. If you're active, go for a strong ring. Also, consider the maintenance required: simpler rings are more easy to maintain.

Make sure you get the correct size The wedding ring should be able to fit even when your fingers expand or contract. Test the ring at a time when you're at ease and your body is normal.

Don't worry about matching: Wedding rings don't have the need to be identical. Choose what you like and allow your partner to do the same. This allows you both to express your individuality.

The following tips will help you pick a wedding ring that represents your love for all time.

Jewelry for the bride

The wedding day is an unforgettable occasion, and the choice of wedding jewelery can really make the difference. Three simple rules can guide you through this important decision.

Less is more when it comes down to bridal jewellery. Don't be enticed by the desire to put on too many jewelry pieces. Limit yourself to two important pieces of jewelry that highlight your beauty, but not overdo it. Think about the neckline of your dress. It doesn't matter if it's strapless, V-shaped or balloon-shaped, the choice of necklaces and jewellery in general should harmonize with it. A bib-neck looks great when worn with a low collar while a pearl or metal choker is a great choice for V-necks. Explore elegant earrings that fit your style.

Rings play a special role. Alongside the one your groom picks you, think about a personalized sparkling ring that you can carry with you every day. It should be unique enough to take along on your wedding day.

It is crucial to match the metals with the color of the dress. Choose bright metals like platinum or rhodium for white clothing. If the dress is ivory, vintage jewelry with yellow-gold tones can be ideal. Gold is good with ivory dresses, and silver jewelry goes well with elegant gray or silver dresses.

Make sure that each piece of jewelry that you wear from your hair to your wrists, matches your style, without snagging your outfit. Be bold, but elegant. This special day deserves the best.

Jewelry for the Groom

When we talk about weddings we usually focus on the bridesmaids' dresses and wedding gowns. Everyone praises the bride for her white dress, and the bridesmaids for their coordinated dresses. However, let's not forget about the groom's wedding jewelry that can give the perfect touch to his appearance.

We must admit that the groom deserves attention! Wearing a custom-made gown or an item from your wardrobe is important on this special day.

How can a groom make himself stand out from other wedding guests? With sparkling accessories, of course! We're talking cufflinks and brooches, bracelets, and maybe even a tie clip with diamonds, if that's his preference.

Here are our top diamond jewelry options for groomsmen on their wedding day. It is important to remember that even the groom can shine on this special day.


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